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Boogalo-Tramp - A.C. Reed

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Hopefully things are well on your end. After a few hectic weeks in a row, there's finally been some good news at the Trunk of F.U.N.K. compound. Luckily for me, good news typically allows for some free time, which was aptly spent this last weekend getting in some digging at a spot I'd only been to once before. While browsing through boxes and boxes of uninteresting 45's, I stumbled across this little nugget, which caught my eye almost immediately due to the interesting label design and name of today's selection...

Boogaloo-Tramp - A.C. Reed - Nike

A.C. Reed (birthname: Aaron Corthen) was a blues saxophonist working out of Chicago from the 1940's through the early 2000's. Born in Missouri, Reed moved to Chicago during World War II and got his start in the music business shortly thereafter playing for the likes of Earl Hooker and Willie Mabon. Throughout the 1960's Reed recorded singles for a number of small Chicago labels, including the Nike label, the home of today's selection. In the late 1960's, Reed joined Buddy Guy's band, during which time he went on tour with Guy, Junior Wells and the Rolling Stones. He later formed his own band, The Sparkplugs, and continued writing and performing music until he passed away in 2004.

The Nike* record label was started in Chicago in 1961, by Charles Colbert, Sr. as a means to release a single recently recorded by The Daylighters, his son's band, after the group had been dropped by Talty. The label was reorganized in 1962, resulting in the formation of two new subsidiaries, TipTop and Jive. Over the course of it's existence, the Nike record label was primarily home to DooWop groups, however, today's selection would defnitely not fall into that category. Writing for today's selection is credited to Corthen, a individual by the name of Neal (who I can't find any relevant information on), and Tony Gideon, a founding member of the Daylighters. Today's selection was recorded in 1966. The track opens with drums and a twangy blues guitar not unlike Lowell Fulsom's version of Tramp, is quickly filled out with some backing horns for a few bars, and finally capped off with Reed's saxophone, introduced immediately after the title of the song is yelled out.

*The letter I in Nike represented by a missile on the label is most likely a reference to the Nike missile sites in the land around Chicago.

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Tony said...

My name is Tony Gideon - Founded The Daylighters in Birmingham, AL in 1956, at Hooper City High School. Also, I was a founding Member of NIKE Records 1961,the other members were Charles Colbert, Jr., Robert "Bob" Catron and "Doc" Oliver. At the time, I was a single artist at CHESS Records. I also did the vocals and played tambourine on This A.C.Reed song. The other writer (NEAL) was Marshall Neal who at that time,worked at ALLSTATE RECORD DISTRIBUTORS - South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL. By the way, NIKE Records was formed to release a single on ROGER BALLIN, an artist we had recorded at RCA Studios (Chicago)and named after the Nike Missile (Huntsville, Alabama)I am posting this info at 5 P.M. CST Nov. 13, 2009. I am now 71 years old and operate Sound Mindz Entertainment, Inc. - Birmingham, AL (205)592-3968 Email:tonygideon1@gmail.com

Terri said...

My name is Terri Neal and Marshall Neal is my deceased father. I would love to find out more information on some of his music credits.


stormy said...

... Hello, My name is Stormy Neal. I am a Singer/Songwriter that currently resides in Dallas Texas, and also one of the daughters of Marshall Neal Jr. - The individual that as YOU put it: “Writing for today's selection is credited to Corthen, a individual by the name of "NEAL" (who I can't find any relevant information on), and Tony Gideon, a founding member of the Daylighters.” Marshall Neal Jr. was my magnificent, beautiful & talented father! At this time my family is trying to preserve & document his history. If ANYONE out there has ANY info, stories, music, questions or ANYTHING regarding him, please contact me @





(or) contact my sister Terri Neal @ terrijessicatori@yahoo.com