=Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Hip!

Welcome back to Trunk of F.U.N.K. radio.

I need to start this post with a couple of important shout-outs. First, good luck to my brother who has his fitness test for the Navy J.A.G. program today. You've been training hard for months, so I'm sure you'll do just fine. Second, congratulations to my good friends Brian and Cary who are getting married tomorrow. It's definitely an honor to be your best man.

For everyone else, I hope this last week has treated you well. Things have been really hectic for me lately. Between work and personal matters I was beginning to thing that this mix might not happen until next week. Fortunately there was no need to upset the regular listeners as I was able to crank this out last night.

This week's mix is a bit more "eclectic" than the previous two installments. It starts out with a humorous bit from Joe Tex that sounds like it was recorded in the heat of a righteous party. We then move to a song from Ricky Allen about the unfortunate event of thinking you're losing the one you love. From there it moves to a trio of sides from groups whose inner-workings and member-swapping have sparked controversy for years (including the claim that the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band was originally the Soul Runners, and that members of the Soul Runners may have also recorded as the Packers. Larry over at Funky16Corners is under the impression that there is no real connection between Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and Soul Runners, and he usually knows whats up, so thats the story that we'll stick with here too). After that we slow things down a bit with one of my favorite Meters tracks, which is followed up with Reuben Wilson's smoking cover of War's "Cisco Kid". From there we move to a recently released funk track (I'm noticing a trend of including one contemporary funk track in each mix that I should probably stick with from here on out) from Bama and the Family that sends out the kind of laid back vibe that is perfect for closing out a hectic week. The mix then picks it back up a bit with a tune from Ripple that sums up the feeling of everything that has and will ever appear on this blog. Soul Searchers and Beginning of the End then provide tracks containing three (3) huge breaks over the span of just a few minutes. Finally, the mix wraps up with one of those great party tracks from the Bar-Kays that I don't think I will ever tire of.

Trunk of F.U.N.K. vol. 003 - Get Hip!


Title - Artist - Label

1. Skinny Legs and All – Joe Tex - Dial
2. It’s a Mess I Tell You – Ricky Allen – Bright Star
3. Go ‘Head On – The Packers – Pure Soul Music
4. Brown Sugar – The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Warner Bros.
5. Charley – The Soul Runners – MoSoul
6. Sophisticated Cissy – The Meters - Josie
7. Reuben Wilson – Cisco Kid – Groove Merchant
8. Don’t Think… Do – Bama and the Family – Lenar
9. I Don’t Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky – Ripple – GRC
10. Funk to the Folks – Soul Searchers – Sussex
11. Funky Nassau pt. 1 – Beginning of the End – Alston
12. Soul Finger – Bar-Kays – Volt

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout... I'll add you to my blogroll right away.

Once I get things organised around here I'll be more than happy to crank out a mix for you

best of luck with the new blog and as always, have fun(k) :)

Peace and blessings,
the Soul Chef