=Monday, July 14, 2008

Lunar Funk - Mr. Penguin pt. 1 & 2

Up this week is another party-starting two-sided 45 filled with loads of fuzzed-out guitar and a smoking organ…

Mr. Penguin pt. 1&2 - Lunar Funk - Bell

I’m having a hard time finding ANY information on this group using the usual search strategies (to some extent this probably has to do with the ridiculous number of hits for the single “Lunar Funk” by The Fabulous Counts). What I can tell you is that this single spent 8 weeks at #63 in 1972, and that Linda Williams, Janice David, and William Flemister share writing credits for the single. Equally as difficult as finding information on Lunar Funk is finding information on any of the writers. Presumably, Flemister was a member of Lunar Funk as he is also credited with writing the single “Slip the Drummer One” (a side equally as funky as “Mr. Penguin”, but currently being saved for a future Trunk of F.U.N.K. mix). The only other information I’ve been able to dig up on “Mr. Penguin” is in regard to the executive producer Marlin McNichols. McNichols was a monster record producer having a major hand in hits dating back to the 60’s (more info on his career here).

Stay tuned for a new single and mix up next week.

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